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Are you looking to make this whole  ‘remote’ thing easier? 

Before the pandemic, remote work was typically seen as a touchy-feely employee benefit. Let your people work from home while secretly cringing and hoping they’re actually going to make it for your meeting. 

But the reality is that truly remote-first companies are poised to scale. Their teams are aligned. Procedures are clear and documented. A culture designed to onboard quickly, delegate precisely, and ship without the ominous sense of zoom doom. The flow of work follows the sun.  

Yet this kind of setup doesn’t happen by accident. 

You design your company’s remote or hybrid work model. And defaulting to nothing is a design too, just probably not a good one. Better to prepare your own path, you must know exactly where you are first. The gaps you discover will be your fastest path to high operational scalability and efficiency. 

About the consultant

I have already been 'in the trenches' of remote for over a decade. I led a program of approximately 30 distributed across 13 time zones and 8 different locations. Over the last 11 years, I've led teams building and launching enterprise software, running marketing and sales, and launched two bestselling books. Remotely. In many cases, I worked with people I never met or spoke to in person. 


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Improve your team’s productivity, collaborate more easily, and communicate better.

Over the 10 years I've been working remotely, I've seen many things come and go, but one thing has remained constant: People and teams crave to work remotely in the right environment--because they are productive (surprise, surprise!). 

They want to spend their days doing what they're most passionate about and allowing themselves to be more creative. It's a very liberating experience. Many people find that their long-term goals are better achieved when they integrate home and work life effectively. 

Take charge of improving the remote experience for everyone with insights, actionable advice, and concrete next steps.

The ability to communicate clearly and inspire your people to do great things doesn't depend on the fact that they're in an office or working from home. By taking account of exactly where you are, you’ll:

Your employees want to feel connected to the work they're doing, both from a professional and from a personal standpoint.

Time is a precious currency for you and your employees, regardless of whether you're all co-located or working remotely.

Optimize for happiness and get accountability and effectiveness as a side effect.

Focus on growing your company and enjoying your life, not managing your remote staff.

Take advantage of the latest research insights to really get over a rough patch of performance.

without falling back to centralizing everything and everyone in an office.

Who this is for

Office-based knowledge work industries: technology, services, agencies, you name it.

Small to mid-sized companies, where 10 people can speak for the whole

Keen on becoming remote-friendly even after the lockdowns end

Organize your company’s remote work audit today

I will walk you through your next steps of transforming your company into a well-tuned, productive, and remote-first machine.

Here’s what’s included:

Review of your processes and procedures in their current state. Get recommendations around easy wins.

Company culture and delivery strategy review performed through 10 employee interviews

Toolchain analysis:  identify which tools are best in your particular case. Also figure out where and how you’d be able to integrate, automate, and streamline your existing workflows

Meeting workflow analysis identifies where meetings are valuable. Most often, the team would be better off with more time to just get work done

Individual time management is pretty much a time sink, especially in a remote environment. Figure out how to get your teams to work together effectively. 

Extra bonus

Speaking of aligning remotely, you and your entire team will get complimentary copies of the book Align Remotely for the whole company (4.8/5 stars based on 8 reviews Here’s what a verified purchase reviewer had to say on Amazon:

The book includes plenty of useful advice on how to deal with common issues like silos, how to move meetings online successfully, how to deal with silos, lack of alignment and how to measure what’s going on and what people are achieving. 

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Take action now. Just go and change your world.

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If you follow the approach, and provide both enough inputs and employee time to make the whole process worthwhile, and you aren’t completely over the moon with the results, then we will promptly provide you with a full refund for the service provided. 

You literally have nothing to lose. Act now.